The last couple weeks in music education have allowed me to gain a different perspective on music and music production.  I find it easier to sort of disassemble songs while listening to them, and to appreciate more varied styles.

Some challenges I have encountered so far in putting together the remix and recorded sound song were simply due to the nature of the music program we were using.  There was a plethora of pre-recorded tracks to place into your song, but I began to feel trapped within the confines of those sounds when I wanted to play more!

This being said, Soundtrap – as well as the activities done in class/outside – proved incredibly effective for beginning to work with adding effects, changing speed, and essentially making the sound or track different from what it was originally.  Learning what each effect would do to the sound was very helpful.

We’re beginning to work on our team-made songs which I am very excited for, as not only are we using a program which provides full creativity in recording sounds, but also allows me to play with a keyboard for a few classes (which is something that truly puts me in my happy place).

I’m excited to see what happens when we begin to put our base song ideas together!