This week I did my demonstrate and discuss presentation to the class on a very cool app called What’s My Note, and I had some really good response from the group!  The app essentially allows you to take a picture of music and scroll your finger along the notes to hear them.  I think that this app would be beneficial for music, or even musical theatre classrooms, where large groups are doing individual work and a keyboard isn’t available for everyone all the time.

We swapped our tracks with the other group this week as well, and I really enjoyed listening to where they went with the base tracks for their song.  I found it challenging that it wasn’t possible to edit the track itself, however.  There was no way to see the notation/ piano roll or other specifics as to what they had done to get their piece where it was.  This being said, the goal is to create a hook for what they have, not change their base track so it is our job to allow what’s already there to inspire us at this point.

Overall, it has been very beneficial to listen to hooks written by other popular artists and realize just how simple they are.  As a rule, it is quite easy to overcomplicate things so it can be helpful to take a step back and look at what actually works.