This week we had a chance to share our final projects with the class!  I opted to write another song after seeing all the things I could play with on Logic Pro.  I wanted to write a chill, almost woodsy kind of song but some of the sounds I had were changed (some for the better, I’ll admit!) after adding the criteria.

Here’s the criteria and where it can be found in my song!

1. Have at least 8 tracks:  I have used 8 throughout the song.

2. One of these tracks must be audio you’ve recorded yourself. You can use a mic from me, or use the mic on your computer. You can record voice, or any other acoustic source: The “one, two, three, four” is my voice recorded.

3. be at least 90 seconds long (repetition is your friend): My song is 1:37.

4. make use of panning: This can be heard in the beginning

5. feature an automated pan from left to right or right to left: From 0:04 0:11.

6. feature volume automation to create a swell of some sort (soft to loud; loud to soft): 0:43-1:01.

7. feature a filter sweep (I gave this link in an earlier email of an example of a logic tutorial): This can be heard in the second “4” at 1:05.

8. do this: (only works on an audio track): I added this onto the second “4” at 1:05 as well. 

9. bus all tracks to an aux with reverb to create a field of depth in your mix: present throughout!

10. at least one track must have distortion (any sub category is fine): On the main guitar the whole time.

11. at least one track must have modulation (any sub category is fine): On the celtic flute the whole time.

12. at least one track must have echo (a sub category of ‘delay’): On the organ the whole time it’s present.

Here’s a link to my song! 🙂