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Blog Post: Week of February 6th

This week I did my demonstrate and discuss presentation to the class on a very cool app called What’s My Note, and I had some really good response from the group!  The app essentially allows you to take a picture of music and scroll your finger along the notes to hear them.  I think that this app would be beneficial for music, or even musical theatre classrooms, where large groups are doing individual work and a keyboard isn’t available for everyone all the time.

We swapped our tracks with the other group this week as well, and I really enjoyed listening to where they went with the base tracks for their song.  I found it challenging that it wasn’t possible to edit the track itself, however.  There was no way to see the notation/ piano roll or other specifics as to what they had done to get their piece where it was.  This being said, the goal is to create a hook for what they have, not change their base track so it is our job to allow what’s already there to inspire us at this point.

Overall, it has been very beneficial to listen to hooks written by other popular artists and realize just how simple they are.  As a rule, it is quite easy to overcomplicate things so it can be helpful to take a step back and look at what actually works.

Blog post: Week of January 30th

This week was spent forming some base lines for our song, to be shared with the other group on Monday.  Perhaps the biggest challenge I found this week was having complete freedom over where to go with this piece of music.  This being said, the biggest joy was having complete freedom over where to go with this piece of music.

There has been a particular 4-chord phrase I’ve been attached to for the last couple months or so and I decided to start there.  I played out a couple different versions of triads, some more melody-ish lines, and had a great time playing around with drum kits available on the program.

I am very excited to see where this song goes and hope to incorporate more of the aspects of the program to change the sound, as well as seeing how Christian and I’s base lines begin to work together!




Blog Post: Week of January 23rd

The last couple weeks in music education have allowed me to gain a different perspective on music and music production.  I find it easier to sort of disassemble songs while listening to them, and to appreciate more varied styles.

Some challenges I have encountered so far in putting together the remix and recorded sound song were simply due to the nature of the music program we were using.  There was a plethora of pre-recorded tracks to place into your song, but I began to feel trapped within the confines of those sounds when I wanted to play more!

This being said, Soundtrap – as well as the activities done in class/outside – proved incredibly effective for beginning to work with adding effects, changing speed, and essentially making the sound or track different from what it was originally.  Learning what each effect would do to the sound was very helpful.

We’re beginning to work on our team-made songs which I am very excited for, as not only are we using a program which provides full creativity in recording sounds, but also allows me to play with a keyboard for a few classes (which is something that truly puts me in my happy place).

I’m excited to see what happens when we begin to put our base song ideas together!


Educational Update

Check out these links!  Here are a couples songs I’ve been working on in a music education class.  The first is an original arrangement and the second is a remix of Abba’s “Chiquita.”

What I do!

Seen here are some photos of moments in my acting career.

Top: Cast photo from Eclipsed.

Bottom: (left to right) on set for Young Drunk Punk just after hair and makeup, and two photos onstage during The Lonely Soldier Monologues.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that every child has their own way to learn – it is up to the teacher to know their students and integrate the many aspects of learning into the classroom to help foster each student’s educational journey.  Knowledge of learning theory is critical in order to provide this for your students.

I believe that teaching how to learn, rather than what to learn, is the only way to provide a successful and meaningful education for your students.

I believe that inclusive classrooms are key to allowing all students equitable opportunities to reaching their full potential.  I say equitable because every child is capable, but every situation calls for a different approach as to how that potential can be unlocked.

I believe that teaching is as much learning from your students as they learn from you.

I believe that creativity is the heart of teaching, learning, and education overall.  It should never be overlooked, and should be always present.

I believe that students’ identities are unchangingly intertwined with how they learn and perceive knowledge – understanding this is the only way to fostering engagement.

I believe that respect is at the heart of classroom life.  If you give your students respect, they will respect you.

I believe that assessment of students’ work should go beyond just “this is what you got.”  It should provide useful information and feedforward (moving forward from the point they are at!) that a learner can grow from and understand how to employ in future work.

I believe that students have every right to know the lesson plan for what they are learning, why they are learning the things they are, and to understand new information in a way that is challenging but accessible for them personally.

I believe that classrooms are a place not only of growth; of connection and rethinking things students may already know.

Lastly, I believe that learning is truly a lifelong journey.  Stagnating on familiar routines as a teacher can be detrimental to the changing times and identities of the students.

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Some more about me…

This is a place in which I would love to share some more of the work I’ve had the opportunity to do.  You will find here my acting headshot (seen above), theatre resume, as well as my professional resume.






Changing Education one Drama Game at a Time: Adventures in Teaching


This is a space where I will document my journey through teaching and through the rest of my educational journey on my way to entering the workforce.

As a lifelong learner, I believe it is very important to realize all the little moments that influence both myself personally on my journey, and on my journey as a teacher.  I will keep a very updated feed in order to best do this.

I’m glad you’ve decided to come along for even a little part this expedition!

Happy teaching!


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